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Tragic events in Pakistan

Dear Colleagues Assalam-o-alaikum

We all are devastated by the tragedy that befell us all yesterday in Peshawar. It is so horrifying, so shocking and numbing that our mind struggles to comprehend it. Helpless schoolchildren hunted down methodically and relentlessly by human animals, savages, who do not deserve to be called humans. Not only are they not human but also not faithful. They are evil that must be exterminated if we are to have a future. If we are to have any hope for the future of our beloved country.

This cancer of our society that’s devouring our nation, killing our children, strengthening our enemies and causing sorrow in our hearts needs cutting away; it’s also impoverishing us economically, resulting in poverty and loss of a happier future for us. In all, if we have to exist then we have to rid ourselves of this cancer seeping deeper into our bones. It is painful now and If not expelled or amputated it will result in our destruction. We are in tears because our future happiness in the form of our children has been attacked and damaged with a deep wound inflicted on our very existence. Our hearts go out to the grieving families. Our prayers are for our wounded and extinguished flowers. May Allah Subhan’a Ta’allah help and protect us all in this world and the hereafter.

I feel it is our moral and religious obligation to show our solidarity with the grieving families and to Pakistan. I have been in discussions with some of our colleagues and the following has been suggested: this can be looked at in two steps.

A two minutes silence to remember the shuhada this Friday at 11am, at our places of work or where ever we are at that time
Show of support with letters to newspapers, public statements and walks
Standing demonstration against terrorism, in front of Pakistan high commission in London on Saturday 27 December 2014. Meeting the officials and handing them a resolution of support.
Invite all Pakistani and non- Pakistani Diaspora professional organisations to join hands with us to show solidarity against terrorism.
Arranging a gathering at the Regent Park mosque in London to remember the shuhada.
Invite Media
Substantive support that can be in the form of PTSD and counselling assistance, like BPPA did in the aftermath of the Earthquake of 2008, either buying it or providing it.
To arrange a BPPA meeting and start a project in the remembrance of children and staff
These are just a few suggestions and I will welcome any others that our membership feels appropriate.

Our children are our future. Without our children there’s no hope and there’s nothing to look forward to as a nation.

Kind regards


Dr Mateen Durrani

Chairman BPPA

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