British Pakistan Psychiatrists Association


I would like to share my pride and pleasure in the continued success and progress of the British Pakistani Psychiatrists Association. This organisation was founded in 2002 in a meeting attended by 26 British Psychiatrists of Pakistani Origin. A constitution was adopted and Dr Akmal Makhdum and Dr Mateen Durrani were elected as the Founding Chairman and Secretary of the organisation. Since then it has become the rallying point of several hundred British Pakistani Psychiatrists It has been organising its Annual academic conferences every year, the 13th Annual Conference is to be held on 13 September 2014 in Leicester. It’s Annual Mushairah has become a sought after social event since 2009. However the highlight of its achievement is the continued unity and adherence to constitution and democratic traditions, a rare example in Pakistani Diaspora organisations with the exception of APPNA of North America. It has just completed its 5th General Elections with Drs Shahid Quraishi, Fowad Chaudhri, Musa Sami and Rashid Khan being elected as Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Social Secretary respectively. As a founding member and past Chairman of the organisation I draw immense pleasure and pride from the continuing success and adherence to constitutional and democratic process. I wish to congratulate the entire membership and it’s past, current and future leadership for making it possible. Well done and keep it up.

Dr Hasan Jawed

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