British Pakistan Psychiatrists Association

13 BPPA Annual Conference 13 & 14 September 2014 Leicester Marriott

The BPPA 13th Annual conference at Leicester Marriott Hotel.

We plan to hold symposiums and workshops on one and half day of the conference.

On Saturday, 13 September 2014:

1. Medical Leadership Challenges and Issues: the discussion will be led by: Prof J Hayden, Dr Geoff Watson and Dr Fiona Mason

2. Transcultural Psychiatry: Prof Sims and Dr Banks will speak on new developments.

3. Media and Mental Health: Dr P Byrne will give new insights followed by a lively Debate by Dr Dan Dolton and Dr Asif Zia

4. Medical Leadership: leading experts in the field Prof. Hayden, Dr Watson and Dr Mason (Royal College Leadership Lead) will lead the discussion.

On Sunday, 14 September 2014:

There will be workshops on:

1. Sleep: Conducted by Dr Farida Yusuf

2. Rare Genetics: Most intriguing research by Dr Tariq Mehmood

3. Attentional Disorders: Moderated by Dr Shahid Munir.

There will be ample opportunities to exchange ideas, network and present papers and posters. In our tradition prizes will be given for best Papers and Posters. Medical students are being encouraged to attend the conference free of cost and their papers and posters will be given due preference.

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