British Pakistan Psychiatrists Association

Executive Election Results Announced

To Dr Mateen Durrani

Executive Committee BPPA
BPPA Members 

Janab Durrani Sahib, Chairman BPPA, Executive Committee BPPA and BPPA members

The process of the election was conducted in accordance with the BPPA constitution.

Eligible voters identified and confirmed.

Eligible members were asked to apply, nominate and second candidates and candidature.

Nominations received

Scrutiny of applicants/nominations

Postal/Electronic Voting process finalised.

Elections are a rejuvenating process.  These regenerates dynamic organisations.
This time candidates were elected unopposed.
This panel of candidates, now declared successful for their respective posts represent BPPA membership.

It is with great pleasure that I announce the results of the BPPA elections 2014.

For Chairman                              Dr Shahid Qureshi
For Secretary                              Dr Fowad Chaudhary
For Treasurer                              Dr Musa Sami

For Social Secretary                    Dr Rashid Ali Khan

I congratulate, through your good offices as BPPA Chair, the current leadership of the BPPA for conducting a transparent and smooth election.
I also congratulate the executive for their democratic spirit and successful leadership.
I congratulate successful candidates and wish them success in their tenure.
Best Wishes
Akmal Makhdum
Election coordinator

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