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Last date for Registration: 8 September 2015

From: BPPA <>
Date: 1 September 2015 at 21:35
Subject: Last date for Registration: 8 September 2015
Dear friends Assalam-o-alaikum

With 10 days to go for the conference, the organising committee would like to request you all to please register as soon as possible. We have to give a final number to the Marriott Hotel by Tuesday 8 September so arrangements can be finalised for your conference, especially catering. Hence the

last date for registration will be 8 September by 5pm.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to register delegates after that date.

We have an excellent and full academic program and social evening program is now confirmed. We will urge all those attending to please note that the conference will start at 10:30am, sharp, so please make every effort to to be there on time. The final program look like this:

SATURDAY -12 September 2015

Trauma, Resilience, and Mental Health

9:00: Registration and Coffee

10:20 Seating and Commencement of the Programme

10:30 Recitation from Holy Quran

10:35: Welcome Address

Dr Mateen Durrani, BPPA

10:40: Bringing BAPA and BPPA Together

Dr Walid Abdul-Hamid, BAPA

Scientific Session 1 :

10:45 Childhood Victims of Man Made Disaster: Case Study of Peshawar Massacre

Dr Anjum Bashir/ Dr Muhammad Gul

Scientific Session 2:

11:30 The Psychological Aspects of Disaster Management: Myths, Realities, and Pitfalls

Prof David Alexander

12:15 Radicalization and Mental Health

Prof Kam Bhui

13:00 Lunch

Scientific Session 3:

14:00 Psychiatric Disorders of War

Prof Simon Wessely – President Royal College of Psychiatrists

14:45 Psychology of Trauma

Prof Jamie Hacker Hughes – President British Psychological Society

15:30-15:50 Tea/Coffee

Scientific Session 4:

15:50 RCPsych Medical Training Initiative Update

Dr Subodh Dave – Sub Dean Royal College of Psychiatrists

16:10 Combat Stress

Dr Walter Busuttil –Director Medical Services

Scientific Session 5 :

16:55 What is Psychiatric Expertise about and how is this relevant to Trauma?

Prof George Ikkos

17:40 Closing Remarks: Dr Mateen Durrani

18:00 AGM

20:00 Dinner and social evening

SUNDAY -13 September 2015

Muslim Contribution to Psychiatry

Scientific Session 6:

9:30 PTSD in Ancient Iraq and Descriptions in Muslim Literature

Dr Walid Abdul-Hamid

10:00 Poetry in Psychiatry

Dr Shamim Ruhi

10:30 Forensic Psychiatry in Islamic World

Dr Hasanen Al-Taiar

11:00 Coffee/Tea Break

11:15 Poster Prize Distribution

Scientific Session 7:

11:30 Psychiatry in Muslim Andalucía

Dr Akmal Makhdum

12:00 Muslim Contribution to Medicine and Psychiatry

Dr Mamdoh Al-Adel

12:30 Colonialism & its psychological impact in the era of hyper-colonialism

Akhter Ali Syed

13:00 Closing Remarks:

1:30-3:00 Hospitality Lunch for members and their families

at More Restaurant- Leicester

We look forward to your cooperation and support in this matter.

Kind regards

Conference 2015

Organising committee

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