British Pakistan Psychiatrists Association

About BPPA

The British Pakistani Psychiatrists Association (BPPA) is an association of Psychiatrists and allied mental health professionals in Britain of Pakistani heritage and cultural affiliation.


BPPA is a forum to represent and share the individual and collective views of its members to promote social and academic development among one another and with the wider British Society.


BPPA is at the forefront of offering its members job and career counselling, training and voicing the needs of trainees in Psychiatry.

Executive Officers


Dr Shahid Latif

General Secretary

Dr Rais Irfan Ahmad


Dr Aamer Malik Sajjad

Social Secretary

Dr Asad Malik

Regional Executives

Dr. Kamila Haider East Midlands
Dr. Muhammad Gul West Midlands
Dr. Ali Mesam Mehdi South East
Dr. Adnan Hafeez North West
Dr. Saman Khan Scotland
Dr. Saima Niaz London
Dr. Raja Adnan Ahmed Wales

Co-opted Executives

Dr. Saadia Muzaffar Medical Psychotherapy
Dr. Rahat Ghafoor Liaison
Dr. Hisham Ul Haq GP
Prof. Parveen Ali Nursing
Prof. Zaffer Iqbal Psychology
Dr. Sanaa Moledina SAS Doctors Rep
Dr. Anum Farooqui Trainee Rep
Miss Noor Awan Medical Students Rep
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