British Pakistan Psychiatrists Association

BPPA Annual Conference 2013

28th September 2013 Holiday Inn, Birmingham Airport

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Dear friends Assalam-o-alaikum

I would like to thank all those who made our 12 Annual Conference over the weekend, another great success. This was no doubt, yet another milestone in the short history of BPPA. On day one, we had 120 delegates during the Academic session and 220 delegates for diner and social evening. Day two saw 80 delegates for the academic session and 119 joined us for lunch, at the Havelli Restaurant. This could not have been possible without your support and participation.  I would also like to, personally and on behalf of our executive committee and wider membership, extend thanks and gratitude to:

  • our scientific committee, Hasim Raza, Tayyab Tahir, Imran Chaudhry, Ilyas Mirza, Sarwat Nourose, Ishrat Hussain and Musa Sami,
  • the three daughters of Dr Fawad Chaudhry, Nazish, Aleena and Zayna, who volunteered and managed the registration desk at the conference, in a very organised and professional manner,
  • Sameer Khalid for designing the program and email fliers
  • Sehar Ahmed, Saad Ahmed, Musa Hashim, Eaisha Tareen and Annie Hashim for getting the welcome packs ready
  • Riyan Durrani for capturing the moments with his camera,
  • and lastly, but not the least, our three previous illustrious chairs, Akmal Makhdum, Hasan Jawaid and Anjum Bashir, who sincerely and whole heatedly worked with me behind the scenes to make this conference a success. This is an extremely rare quality in any Pakistani organisation but we, in BPPA, are rightly proud of this legacy and in-debt to, and proud of, our founder leaders.

We are already looking at 13 & 14 September 2014, as our 13th Annual conference date but will confirm this after our executive meeting, shortly. In-spite of our repeated reminders, only 45 people returned their feedback forms!!.

Those, who have not answered and returned the survey to us over the weekend, can I request them once again to  please do so now by logging on to ttp://

We will publish the feedback on our website (password protected) for everyone of our members to see. Can I also ask those who did not collected their CPD certificates, to let us know and we will put it in the post you.

Some of you may know that Dr Asifa Zainub, one of our oldest members and a previous executives, had a small accident in her hotel room on Sunday morning. Alhamdolillah, she is recovering fast and sends her regards to all her well wishers.

I look forward to receiving your feedback forms and any comments about how we can further improve the functioning and performance of our association.

With warmest regards


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