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Preliminary Results of the BPPA 2020 elections

The election committee is pleased to announce the preliminary results of the BPPA 2020 elections.

Electoral Reforms Society aka civica shall conduct the only remaining election contest for the position of SECRETARY BPPA.
For that eligible members shall receive electronic ballot. Results shall be sent to the election committee. After scrutiny, those results will be announced.

The successful candidates for
BPPA OFFICE BEARERS for 2021 to 2024 are:

Chair Elect 2021-2024:
Shahid Latif

Secretary Elect 2021-2024:
To be contested

Treasurer Elect 2021-2024:
Aamir Malik

There is no post for social secretary but that a pro tem position that’s nominated by the chair, in discussion with other office bearers and executive, as part of a temporary social events committee.
Election committee appreciated that:
Asad Malik
Volunteered for this position. We commend his initiative. This is a decision for BPPA executive.

Executive Members
tenure 2020 to 2022:

Kamila Haider (East Midland)

Muhammad Gul (West Midland)

Ali Mehdi (South East)

M. Adnan Hafeez(North West)

Saman Khan (Scotland)

Salah uddine Babur (South London)

Other vacant positions for executive may be filled by chair nominating CO-OPTED executive members, in discussion with office bearers and, the executive committee approving these nominations. The tenure of the co-opted member is 1 year and that expires at the end of the year from this election date in 2020. Co-opted member may not participate after their 1 year has expired.

BPPA ELECTIONS committee congratulates all successful candidates and wishes them God speed.

M Akmal Makhdum cec
Hasan Javed mec
Mateen Durrani mec

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